When you're finished, click Continue in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Tap on Interactions followed by Likes.

The tool doesn&39;t need to be downloaded or registered. Using the Instagram Feed Post.

This will take you directly to the posts you've privately saved on your account.

May 17, 2023 2.

Tap on "Posts You've Liked" option. If you want to see who liked your posts, youll need to navigate to that post and tap on the option to see likes, or if its a recent post, head to your Instagram. If you want to see the liked.

Feb 3, 2023 To see all the posts you&39;ve liked on Instagram, just follow these simple steps Go to your profile.

For iPhone go to Your Activity > Interactions > Likes. In the Your activity. .

In fact, Instagram had a Following tab that listed all liked posts until October 2019. To view the list of users, tap the number of likes displayed in black text.

Open Instagram from home screen.

The metrics and visualized graphs will help your promotion and content idea generation when you analyze TOP profiles in your niche.

W. May 17, 2023 2.

. Tap your account icon in the bottom-right corner.

Select Likes to view your liked posts.
To find your most-liked posts on Instagram, tap Insights on your profile page, then tap Accounts Reached, scroll down to Top Posts and See All.
At the very bottom of the page, you will see three more links.


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. This list, however, is simplified to a view count for all other users. - Advertisement -.

On a video, a list of every user that viewed the video is accessible to the creator of the post. . . In fact, Instagram had a Following tab that listed all liked posts until October 2019. Step 1.

Open Instagram from home screen.

By default, liked posts are displayed in chronological order, but you can view old ones first by tapping Sort & filter to change the order or filter posts by Author, Start. Tap Posts Youve Liked.


Tap Interactions.


Although there are still manual ways to access some of this information, Instagram seeks to make its users focus on what really matters the content and the connections between them.