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Bow or crossbow, it doesn&39;t matter, as long as you avoid bullets. 338 its 60k whilst the dlc rifle is 90k which also doesn&39;t have a scope.



Join us in Vurhonga Savanna as we explore ALL of the very best HOT SPOTS to find & hunt Cape Buffalo Also learn tips on how to SURVIVE an AGGRESSIVE Cape Buffalo ATTACK Includes detailed Hot. . 270.

You can also use the 470DB, but you&39;ll need to be very close (within 80m87yd, closer is better).

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They range in mass from 118. This Species has Truhorns It was.

The smaller of the two wildebeest species, the Blue Wildebeest is a grazer superbly adapted for a migratory existence.

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The healthiest buffalo live in N'walungu.

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. Whatever happened to that animal you just. . . Cape buffalo, (Syncerus caffer caffer), also called African buffalo, the largest and most formidable of Africas wild bovids (family Bovidae) and a familiar sight to visitors of African parks and reserves. Yes the far left Rabbits and Jackals, great hunting.


The penetration makes double lungs easy and it can be used on a wide range of animals. Wild Hog; Bald Leucistic 1 List Canada Goose; Beige 3 List .

338 for European Bison, Cape Buffalo and Water Buffalo.


It can be hunted in the Parque Fernando.

338 its 60k whilst the dlc rifle is 90k which also doesn&39;t have a scope.

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