Two more are up for the school board's vote this week. The Index lists instances where students access to books in school libraries.

Two more are up for the school board's vote this week.

Accordingly to the ALA, frequently banned classics include " To Kill a Mockingbird ," by Harper Lee.

Below, PEN America updates its tally and analysis of book bans during the first half of the 2022-2023 school year, from July to December 2022. Have them complete the analogy "A room without books is like. Subjects.

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"All Boys Aren. Following a recent decision in Tennessee by a school district to ban Art Spiegelmans Holocaust-based graphic novel Maus, a local pastor led a mass book burning, including titles like Harry Potter.

Feb 22, 2023 And Tango Makes Three.

Books are challenged, and sometimes banned, for a number of reasons.

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But fighting against censorship is vital.



Apr 20, 2023 During the first half of the 2022-23 school year PEN Americas Index of School Book Bans lists 1,477 instances of individual books banned, affecting 874 unique titles, an increase of 28 percent compared to the prior six months, January June 2022. . Did you know these picture books have been considered taboo Celebrate freedom of expression with your child during and beyond Banned Books Week.

. Activity These Roald Dahl Teaching Resources include enrichment activities for James and the Giant. Officials in Escambia County, Fla. PreK - 12. Sep 16, 2020 - Explore Elementary Librarian's board "Banned Books Week", followed by 6,627 people on Pinterest. .


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Gender Queer A Memoir by Maia Kobabe.


Create a video of students reading from their favorite bannedchallenged books.

Books such as Joseph's - offering critical views on topics like US history or race - gained new prominence in school curricula and library collections as a response to the Black Lives Matter.